Tenerife offers a big amount of hiking trails. Trekking or we can say physically harder hiking is a popular very activity here!

Sophisticated and user-friendly maps are available in the app called Wikiloc. You can download this app to your mobile phone or take a look at it on your computer. With the map or the text you can easily find trekking trails but also a lot more.

Pico del Teide 3 718 m a. s. l. – the highest mountain of Tenerife and also the highest point in the whole Spain.

To reach the crater and 3 555 m a. s. l., you can use a cable car. But remember, during the opening hours of the cable car, it is necessary to obtain permit for entry to be able to go the last 163 m. The permit is free but you need to register with your passport number at least 2 months before the hike. On the website TEIDE NATIONAL PARK, choose the exact date and the interval for getting up to the top (last 163 m).

What if you plan to travel to Tenerife in one month and there are no places left? Or are you lovers of hiking or of sunrise/sunset?

You can also get to the top out of the opening hours CABLE CAR TELEFÉRICO DEL TEIDE(9 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. – it depends on the season) without permit. The track from the parking Montana Blanca to the top takes about 5 hours. On the way down, you can use the cable car or go on foot again (3,5 hours).

Unless you don’t have the permit or you are not a “hiking lover”, you can buy the permit on the website of the cable car operator in the section Hiking or you can choose from other VIP possibilities, watch the stars or sleep in the Refugio Altavista cottage and so on…


The temperature is around 20°C (68 °F) during the day but it drops significantly during the night. In winter, the temperature can fall down even to 0°C (32°F). So it is important to wear a good clothes like functional and warm clothing, proper footwear, trousers and a jacket. On the top of Pico del Teide, the wind is blowing up to 150 km/h. So some scarf, cap (even in summer) and head lamp are also very useful things for a night hiking. Remember to pack enough liquids (water is the best) and some snack (energy bars, chocolate, grape sugar,..). We also recommend to pack some sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen, some cap, lip balm,…).


Visit website of the cabin car to make sure that the cabin car is in operation and there are no warnings about the danger of strong wind.

Current weather and weather forecast is to be found HERE.

During the sunrise and sunset, you can see the longest shadow in the whole World (up to 200 km). And it is really worth it.

Los Gigantes

Something a bit more challenging 🙂

Pico del Teide from Playa del Soccoro

Trekking TIP for a weekend … duration: 12 – 16 hours 


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