Travel guide

We created this travel guide to make your traveling with our camper cars around the island easier. It also works as a recommendation of the beautiful places.


In Tenerife there are not many traveling and camping limits. It is possible to spend the night almost everywhere you like it. But we’ve written some tips and places that are really good and it pays off to visit them. The brief description works as an information where to park. On the other page there are some icons (legends) showing what you can do there or what activities you can do close to the locality. Each locality is described with basic information, map, picture and QR code with coordinates. It only requires downloading the app for reading QR codes, loading the code and opening it in Google maps. We recommend this type of navigation because it is really easy. The important part of camping is also to clean after you and respect other people. 🙂


Before you arrive we automatically send you our online guide. But there is no need to print it at home because we will give you the printed version here after your arrival.

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