Our offer:

  • Lessons for beginners (of all ages) and advanced – surfing, windsurfing; trips on paddle boards (SUP); video & photo coaching
  • Rental of the equipment: surf (softboards in more sizes and shortboards), windsurf, SUP, smooth star skate and more….

Surf lessons are suitable not just for adults and youthful (adolescents) but even for kids! Optimal age is around 5 years old (or as soon as they can swim). It is the best age to start discovering and learning this amazing and fun sport. For some people surfing even becomes a way of life :-). Besides, children have some advantages for a good balance like a small weight, low center of gravity and overall body flexibility. So it is no surprise, kids surf better than their parents during the first lessons. 🙂

Here are some photos of kids during their first lesson:


Video of the first lesson with David on our favorite beach called La Jaquita in El Médano:


Where to find us: