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lava stones

There are many things in Tenerife that are considered to have a rejuvenating effect. For a long time, people are trying to discover an elixir of life and “the islands of never-ending spring” seem to be very close.

A good example is a sap of the Dragon tree (the biggest Drago Milenario is located in the botanical garden in Icod de los Vinos). If you drank the liqueur made from this tree you would never get old and you would stay young forever. The sap of this tree has a white color but it changes to red on the air. Because of the red color, it is considered to be a dragon blood with healing effects. The liqueur tastes like a sherry liqueur. The amount of sap in the liqueur is not high but Canarians are really proud of this drink.

Another plant connected to immortality is called Aloe vera. We talk about Aloe vera that was imported from Barbados (Barbadensis). It is grown here in Tenerife in a big amount and there are many products made of this plant (soaps, shampoos, creams, gels for the burns and more…)

We also can not forget about banana plants and bananas because the production is huge in Tenerife, especially of the type Musa acuminata varieta ‘Cavendish’. And of course banana plant is also known as a plant of longevity. Combined with the lava stones and a wine variety Malvasia, it is possible to buy soap. If you use it you never get old.

Besides these amazing natural products, we can also offer you relaxing and rejuvenating massages.

More information about the types of massages, duration and prices is to be found here: Price list.