La Tejita

If you like freestyle, riding alone or the wind in Médano is weaker, La Tejita is a good choice. It is situated just 1,5 km west from Bahia (you can just pass Montana roja). There are two natural car parks with enough capacity. The rear car park towards the village also called La Tejita is also suitable for camper cars. The thermal north wind is here a bit stronger than in Médano, because it accelerates through the sandy mainland around the volcanic marsh Montana Roja (Red Mountain) and returns to the side off shore. In this case, there are no waves and the water surface is relatively smooth. The mountain covers the waves from the open ocean. After cca 600 meters from the shore, it is really good to turn back because you can get into wind shadow behind the mountain. It is the same for the unintentional attempts around the mountain to get out of Bahia to Tejita. It always ends the same: swimming or the boat with the lifeguard. But it is expensive to pay him. 🙂

During the southwest wind flowing is La Tejita a paradise for kitesurfers and riding alone is not a problem. In case of some problem, this wind direction brings you back to the beach. Because it is blowing to the shore, the water surface is not smooth and there are waves from 1 meter high so there are good conditions for bump and jump session on starboard. Close to the shore during the northeast and southwest wind there is inconspicuous but stronger beach-break. So it is important to time the entry and exit from the water. Playa La Tejita is a very favorite place for nudists of all sizes and colors so don’t be surprised when you go to the water with the view of naked people. 😀