El Cabezo

El Cabezo is a very famous wave spot located just about 300 meters northeast from El Médano and El Muelle. For the last few years a PWA world cup in wave windsurfing took place here. The wind here is blowing side on shore and the waves have between 1 and 5 meters. The bottom is formed by a stone reef which could be very tricky during the low tide because somewhere the clusters of stiff lava can project from the bottom just few centimeters under the surface. In the middle of Cabezo is situated a rock with a big car park space. During the high tide, it is not very convenient to windsurf close to the rock because many equipment didn’t end well here. But if you end close to the rock, do not panic and do not try to climb the rock. Just swim in the current alongside the rock to the left to the entrance in the water.

On the other hand, Cabezo is during the most windy days an easy-going spot with 2 meters wave and the wind of 20 to 35 knots. These conditions are very good for advanced riders to improve skills in jumping or wave riding. Besides you can watch local professional riders (A. Mussollini, D. Bruch) and other locals with the high level of riding skills. There is a good rule to know on Cabezo. The more water the better and the larger waves. Time around high tide is the most suitable for riding.

For kitesurfers, Cabezo is “experts only” spot. The best place to enjoy the waves is between Cabezo and El Muelle. Also there are no collisions and conflicts with windsurfers.

You can monitor the current weather on Cabezo via webcamera and also you can monitor the temperature and the wind force on the website: cabezo.bergfex.at. Via webcamera you can even see how many people is currently in the water. And it is a very practical thing during the summer season :-).